Daily Tech News Show 2498 – I Spy with my Five Eyes…

I had the pleasure to be on the Daily Tech News Show yesterday. Tom and I had a great time talking the day’s news and digging into the topic of whether technology is ruining our human interactions and how addicted we might be.

You can find the show notes and subscribe over at http://dailytechnewsshow.com.

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1 thought on “Daily Tech News Show 2498 – I Spy with my Five Eyes…

  1. Sandy - May 22, 2015

    Allison, if your acquaintances are shutting down conversations because they’ve seen something on Facebook (or wherever) that you are mentioning to them as a conversation starter, they’re just rude, intentionally or not. Instead of your acquaintance saying she’d seen the stocking you’re making, surely she could have come up with a question about it (what threads are you using? Does Lindsay know about the stocking? Etc.) or a validating comment (Yes, I love cross stitch, too. What are you planning to do next, now that you’re coming down the home stretch? I saw it, and the stocking is gorgeous! Etc.).

    Just my opinion.

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