NAB 2016: ikan Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizers

Allison interviews Michael Webb from ikan about their handheld gimbals designed to stabilize smartphones. The FLY-X3-PLUS allows users to create smooth, stable handheld videos. The FLY-X3-Plus includes 3-axis active stabilization, a gesture control system, and it accepts large and small size smartphones including the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Series. It also supports GoPro Hero 3 and 4 cameras using adapter mounts. The setting is the NAB 2016 show floor in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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Estimated Usage does not equal Planned Obsolescence

In case you can’t tell from the tone of this post, this is Bart here standing in for Allison this week.

This morning I was listening to the radio, like I always do when getting ready for work. I listen to RTÉ 1, Ireland’s national radio station for serious adults (lots of talk, very little music), and at the time I’m getting ready for work, I get to listen to the first half of Ryan Tubridy’s show.

The news came on at the top of the hour, we still don’t have a government, and then Ryan got stuck into his hour. His first main topic was Apple – ruh roh – I always get a little nervous when RTÉ take on tech topics. In my experience they have generally proven to be about as technologically literate as my cat. Ryan had a supposed tech expert come on to explain that in their environmental report, Apple had accidentally admitted to practicing planned obsolescence. In case anyone didn’t understand what that was, they explained that in the early years of the last century the lightbulb manufacturers had a cartel which they used to artificially shorten the lifespan of light bulbs to boost sales. The implication was clear, Apple is doing the same kind of thing, designing their iPhones to die early so they can sell more.

Really? Could this really have happened and it not show up on any of the many tech news sites I read? Colour me VERY sceptical.

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NC #564 Frankenstein Mac, Arkamys 360° Audio, Hub for Photos, MagTarget, 2.4GHz FTW, New Matter 3D Printer

Barry Fulk was the guest on Chit Chat Across the Pond this week to talk Mobile Device Management (which is way more interesting than it sounds!) I also got to be on the SMR Podcast with Chris Ashley to talk about Apple and the FBI. I go on a rant about Apple pushing a bad update that blocks their own Ethernet driver. I’ll talk about the fun Pat Dengler and I had tearing apart two MacBook Airs to make one working machine. We’ll talk to Arkamys about their 360 degree audio for immersive video, then I’ll explain why Photos made me buy a hub. We’ll talk to MagTarget about their iPhone mount/charger and I’ll explain how once again the answer to a problem is 2.4GHz separation. Finally we’ll talk to new Matter about their MOD-t 3D Printer.

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NC #563 FBI v Apple, Solos Cyclist Smart Eyeware, Kanex Portable Apple Watch Charger, Link 2TB Portable SSD

Brilliant Cartoon from Stuart Carlson

This week’s show is going to be a little bit different. We’ve got three cool gadget interviews, a Dumb Question asked and answered by Mark Pouley of Twin Lakes Images which is pretty standard fun, but then we’re going to switch gears to Security Bits where Bart and I will spend some quality time going over the FBI/Apple iPhone issue in detail. We both thought it was too important to do a quick bit on it. Bart will explain what we know as facts, then what the security experts think about it and finally Bart will explain his view of the situation. I think it’s a great discussion. As always Bart includes links to all of the articles he quotes.

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CES 2016: Ditto Wearable Notification

Allison interviews Neal Pecchenino about the new Ditto clip-on wearable device. Ditto is a simple and discrete device that provides vibrations to notify the wearer of incoming calls or messages. Using the Ditto app, the user pre-selects a unique vibration pattern for each caller or message sender. The app then notifies the wearer with the vibration pattern for the person calling or messaging. Ditto is durable, waterproof, and can be discretely clipped onto your clothing. Ditto is available now.

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CCATP #423 Dave Hamilton Talks Digital vs Analog Headphones

Dave HamiltonI asked Dave Hamilton to come on the show to help us understand the impact of Apple removing the analog headphone jack. I didn’t want to do a big hand wringing about how annoying it might be to replace all of our headphones, rather I asked Dave to come on the show to explain in geeky detail what it means to have analog vs. digital headphones. We start at the beginning talking about how sound is produced in a computer and work our way through sample rates, bit rates and into some of the mechanics of a digital to analog converter (DAC). We also talked about the impact on audio when you use Bluetooth headphones.

Dave and I mentioned a couple of things in our conversation:

Understand the math: Nyquist Frequency
Annoy Children: Frequency Only Kids Can Hear
Add Bluetooth to any headphones: Antec Smartbean Bluetooth Receiver ($11 on Amazon)
Can you hear the difference? ABX Tester for iOS, ABX Tester for OSX

Find Dave on Twitter at @davehamilton. He’s the host of the Mac Geek Gab Podcast and the Gib Gab Podcast with Paul Kent.

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CES 2016: Owlet Smart Sock Wearable Baby Monitor

Allison interviews Chris Stroud from Owlet about their new Smart Sock for babies. Smart Sock fits snugly on your baby’s foot and monitors their heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. Using the Owlet iOS app, Smart Sock will alert you if your baby stops breathing. The setting is the CES ShowStoppers show floor in the Wynn Hotel.

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Honda Bob Health Update & Review of Apple’s iPhone 6/6s Battery Case

Honda bob wearing new overalls and baldI’ve got a fun update for you about long term NosillaCastaway Honda Bob, and he sent along a review of the new battery case from Apple for the iPhone 6/6s. Let me bring everyone up to speed first.

For many years I advertised for Honda Bob’s Mobile Service. He would drive to your house to fix your Hondas and Acuras. This is a very weird thing to advertise for on an international podcast since the service was only in about a hundred mile radius of where I live. It became kind of a signature thing about the NosillaCast though and for no apparent reason, people started creating their OWN ads for Honda Bob. These are not people who even knew Bob but just got into the spirit of how silly all this was.

I remember when Justin Byrne and David Shortle of the Mac Craic podcast were in California visiting from Ireland. When they found out Honda Bob was here they begged to come over to my house to meet him. Katie Floyd from Mac Power Users was in town from Florida and she was thrilled to get to meet him as well.
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#359 Lumin, Art Text 2, LookTell Recognizer, Osfoora

Verizon LTE rocks but I can’t use it. Thoughts on how school districts could evaluate the idea of iPads for books in our schools. Professor Albert reviews Lumin from iTunes. Lens cap holders and more from > Art Text 2 review from Belight Software and in the Mac App Store. Todd McCann asks in Dumb Question Corner whether iLife ’11 actually comes with Lion or not. Another interview from CSUN Persons With Disabilities Expo – LookTell Recognizer in the iTunes store for $9.99. in Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart reviews the Twitter client Osfoora in the Mac App Store.

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#209 Hugin, HP Photosmart Stitch, Pano, iStorage, Lenovo S10, wp-dtree, DVI-disasters

In this exciting episode, we cover three panorama applications: Hugin from, HP Panorama Stitch from and Pano application for iPhone from Debacle Software. iStorage to allow downloads to your iPhone from Donald Burr of brings up a review of the Lenovo IdeaPad s10 from (buy at wp-dtree to improve the menus on my website from In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart tells us about how Apple can be a bit misleading on DVI adapters – listen closely!

Listen to the Podcast Once (1hr 09 min)
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