MacBook #3 and How Much Easier it is to Set Up a New Mac

me with the new 12" Macbook the FIRST timeIf you’ve been following the show for a bit, you’ll know that I got a 12″ MacBook shortly after they were released. You’ll also know that I had to have it replaced because their fancy new key technology started locking up on me. Apple was great about replacing it on the spot, taking it back to figure out what the root cause was so hopefully they could correct their manufacturing processes

Well, the sad news is that I’ve had to replace MacBook #2 as well. This one worked a champ but had intermittent charging problems with that fancy new USB-C port. Once it started to charge, it always charged all the way up, but it was getting it to start that was the problem. At first I thought it was the dodgy outlet I was using because the power adapter would sort of wiggle in the port, but then Steve gave me a power strip that plugged into that port with a ground pin that held it tightly in and still I had trouble starting the charge. The MacBook makes a happy ding sound (even when closed) when it starts charging, and I would plug and unplug about 8 times before I would finally hear the happy ding.
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