Regain Artistic Control Over Your Photos with Intensify from Macphun

intensify main window as describedAs Bart says, I took one for the team when I jumped headfirst into the deep end of Photos, abandoning Aperture. I knew I’d be limited on what I could do but I was willing to suffer because a) I really wanted all my photos everywhere, and b) because I love new software more than just about anything. Over time I’ve discovered how much you really can do with Photos to edit and improve them but there are definitely some features I miss dearly.

Problem to be Solved

In Photos you can change the lighting but it affects the entire photo. What about that shot where Uncle Marvin is wearing a hat in the family photo so his is the only face in shadow? How do you increase the exposure just on his face? Can’t do it in Photos.

Another thing I need pretty often is the ability to clone something out, like an outlet on a wall or a password on a screenshot. Photos has a healing brush which is great for getting rid of blemishes but not any good at all for my use case.

There are things I’d like to do that Aperture could never do, like use layers to create a different effect on the sky than the mountains – you used to have to export a TIFF and go over to Photoshop (Elements in my case). Of course that mean destructive editing, and a copy of the photo when you brought it back into Aperture or Photos which is not ideal at all.
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