Split Screen & Pinned Tabs Poorly Implemented in El Capitan

There were a few things I was super excited about in El Capitan that have turned into big disappointments to me, split screen and pinned tabs.

Split Screen

not_avail_in_split_screenSplit Screen was one of those features that sounded really useful. For a few years I was forced to use Windows at work and one of the few things I liked was how I was able to drag a window to the side of the screen and it would snap to the edge and fill half the screen. If I wanted to, I could put another application window on the other side and it would also snap to half screen. If I wanted to, I could have one window filling half screen but the rest of the screen open to play with.

On my Mac, I use the $10 application Moom from manytricks.com which does a ton of cool stuff, one of which is to do split screen. Using Moom, if you drag a window near the top/bottom/left/right of your screen you’ll see a light blue dotted line around the half of the screen you’re near. If you let go it will snap right into place. Even nicer than the way Windows implements it. Some windows don’t allow you to modify their size, like System Preferences for example, so if you drag it to an edge, instead of a blue line showing you half screen, it makes it grey and includes a big red “no” symbol. You can put one app in split screen mode without irritating your other apps. Moom also lets you do quarter size, has keystroke commands to invoke these split screens, tons of fun for $10.
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