Are They Magic?

new_old_magic_trackpad side viewI was very excited when the new Apple gear got announced this year. While I wasn’t going to get an iPhone 6s because it was Steve’s turn, I was still really looking forward to getting a new AppleTV and a new iPad Pro and it’s new keyboard and especially the Pencil. But the months have gone by and I still didn’t have ANY new toys to play with. Watch OS2 and iOS 9 and El Capitan were mildly entertaining for a day or two, but there was nothing ground breaking there either. I was bored.

So when Apple announced the new Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2, I thought, why not? You’ll notice I haven’t framed a problem to be solved other than boredom, so let’s see if we can back into some justification. Work with me here, ok?

Many of us have moved away from wired input devices in favor of wireless keyboards, mice and trackpads. We’re far too ecologically minded to use disposable batteries so we’ve become masters at rechargeable batteries. We have rotation schedules with multiple battery chargers, we’ve kept metrics on which batteries are best, and have at least read, if not participated in, lengthy discussion online of our opinions on the subject. mAh is a household word for us.
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