CCATP #410 Mark Pouley of Twin Lakes Images

duck_mark as describedThis week we’re joined by photographer Mark Pouley of Twin Lakes Images where he explains how to take a photo in a place everyone else has taken shots and get something unique.

You can find Mark’s work at and you can find him on Twitter TLI_Mark and check out his other photography on Flickr at

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Apple TV + Siri = Joy

03_ATV_search showing star trek and searchable areasSteve and I bought the first generation Apple TV and we disliked it so much we sold it to Jonathan Cost for $50 just to get it out of our house. We bought gen 2 and 3 and liked them quite a bit better. Our use is split between Airplay (video podcasts thrown to the TV from an iPad) and renting┬ámovies on iTunes. There’s some Netflix here and there but we tend to reach for the Roku for Netflix a little more often. We also use it to watch the Apple Keynotes but of course that’s only a couple of times a year.

We definitely do not NEED another Apple TV but we were definitely swayed by the cool new remote. Even if the old Apple TV remote wasn’t the worst piece of doodoo Apple had ever invented, the new remote has some wicked cool features, like Siri search that were just too compelling to ignore. The interface of the new 4th gen Apple TV looked pretty too, and the possibility of cool new apps sounded swell.
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