Is it a Good Deal to Get a New iPhone Every Year?

phone_upgrade_program logo from appleThere’s been a lot of talk lately about these new phone plans in the United States where you can pay a monthly fee and get the new hotness every year when Apple (or I suppose Samsung or Microsoft) comes out with their new devices. There are some huge advantages to these plans and I’d like to talk through them while noting that they absolutely positively will cost you more money than other options.

I spent the better part of this week reading the terms and conditions of the carriers, and working on a spreadsheet designed to make it easier to understand. I’m going to go through all the math for you and explain in detail my assumptions, the variables I selected and the concepts, but I realized nobody is going to listen if they don’t hear the bottom line first! By the way, NosillaCastaways from other countries than the US can just sit back and giggle at our newness to buying phones for the real price!
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