#543 First Five Mac Apps, Auphonic Leveler, Megan Morrone on Kids and Tech

NosillaCast News Improvement – Part Two (because I didn’t fix it right the first time). Third time’s a charm hopefully as I got yet another replacement MacBook, and I walk through the first apps I load on a new Mac. Check the blog post for all the links to what I describe. Then learn the top five apps YOU would load on a new Mac from a survey I conducted. Learn all about the famous Levelator and how I had to leave it for my new love, Auphonic Leveler to make my audio as good as it can be. Bob Correa gives us his Clarify tutorial on how to add Extensions to Apple Photos: bobbyco.clarify-it.com. In Chit Chat Across the Pond we’re joined by Megan Morrone, host of many shows on the TWiT Network including iFive for the iPhone, iOS Today and Tech News 2Night. In this discussion she explains to me where kids and technology are today, and shares her perspective on how to balance parenting with technology.

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Your First Five Apps

This week I asked my Twitter, G+ and Facebook followers to answer this question: “What are the first five apps you load on a new Mac?” This wasn’t necessarily their favorite apps but the first five they would need. I was overwhelmed with the number of responses, and sadly Steve Harris’ response was after the deadline or you would have seen the “Block Allison” app in the list. The pie chart below shows you the percentage of people who chose that app to make their First Five list:


NosillaCast News Improvement – Part Two

Dave Gerlits sent me this email:

poorly formatted, too wide, NosillaCast NewsAllison, Hi there. I’m taking you at your word about giving you feedback.

On a recent show you talked about one of your listers (Darren) speaking up about the text on the email and how hard it is to read. You responded and said that you had fixed the problem by reducing the width of the banner across the top. My email still has that problem. Could you please look into reducing the size of the banner for me too?

Love the show, and I listen every week. Cheers, Dave


When I wrote that up, I HAD figured out how to make it stop but I had ONLY figured it out for the one-off newsletter that I sent out announcing no live show. When I went back to the RSS-driven feed that goes out automatically, for the LIFE of me I could not figure out how to get it to stop showing the wide banner!

When I looked on Mailchimp (the site that drives all of this) it showed my very small, square logo but it still sent out with the wide banner. I looked and looked but couldn’t figure out how to change to a new template to start over.
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Making Happy Audio

levelator only window interfaceBack in the very very early days of podcasting, there was The Conversations Network, a non-profit headed up by Doug Kay. Doug’s idea was to create a series of podcasts by a global team of volunteers. Imagine the excitement of that age. This is around 2004/2005 when we were just realizing that we were in the wild wild west of broadcasting. We were talking about how the FCC couldn’t tell us what to do, how you could release shows any time you wanted to, no schedules needed. It was a crazy time.
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