When Apple Products Go Bad…In German

Apple Watch saying something in GermanApple and I are NOT on good speaking terms right now.

I was looking at my iPhone the other day and it spontaneously rebooted. I’m not talking about one of those pesky little Springboard reboots where it comes right back, I mean a fun scale reboot. This explained something I’d seen on the phone recently. I’d pick up my phone and try to use my Touch ID and it would say that since I’d just rebooted I’d have to put in my password. That was puzzling because I hadn’t just rebooted the phone. Evidently it was doing it all by itself.

I let that transgression go, but then on Monday I pulled it off the charger where it had been for about 10 hours and it only showed 67% charge. That was concerning. It was slightly more concerning when 7 minutes later I got the low battery warning and saw the phone was at 4% power.
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